On Poetry, Prose, and Videogames

JLawrence Kenny


on January 28, 2013

There is no feeling quite like that of being USELESS.
The feeling that
The idea that
The knowledge that
No matter what you do
Everything you do is wrong
You are just a stepping stone to something better.
You wish that people hated you
If only
Just so
That way you are some USE
As someone’s antagonist
Instead of nobody
     a husk
      an empty shell
     a waste of space
But that’s WRONG to do
So then
So instead
You bottle up your ANGER
And smile for the world
Hoping they don’t notice
Begging them to notice
Wishing for peace of mind
And so you throw up walls
     walls around yourself
And your uselessness destroys
Your possessions, your friendships,
Your loves, your passions
And you feel useless.
And you know you could stop it
And you don’t care
And you are to blame
And you are useless…


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