On Poetry, Prose, and Videogames

JLawrence Kenny

Scattered Beliefs

on August 9, 2011

A poem on preconceptions.

A man once asked me,
…..”What’s wrong with War?”
Death and Suffering
…..are only a small portion
…..of the bleak atmosphere.
War brings together nations,
Fosters familial bonds,
Is a merchant’s paradise.
And regardless of the never-ending
…..length of the conflict,
There is always the hope and
…..knowledge that it will someday

A man once asked me,
…..”What’s so great about Peace?”
Calm and Prosperity
…..are but a small part
…..of the bright atmosphere
Peace leads to laziness,
Breeds corruption’s canker,
Is a fool’s paradise.
And despite the interminable
…..crawl of peacetime,
There is always the fear and
…..inevitability that it will someday

A man once asked me
…..these two questions of
War and Peace,
…..Questioning the beliefs
…..I “knew” to be true.
Took away my
Cast it into doubt,
Forced me to justify my thoughts.
And I finally replied,
…..”The faces of the mothers of
Sons lost in battle are enough
…..to convince me in the


3 responses to “Scattered Beliefs

  1. a thought provoking poem that hopefully is understood beyond the page.

  2. Great post today! I really enjoyed reading it. Poetry and creative writing is something we all can enjoy. Thanks again for writing this.

  3. This made me chuckle for a protracted time.

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